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Support Brackets

Chimney breast removal can be a very effective way of enlarging rooms in older properties and adding valuable square footage to your home. At Chimney Gone we aim to make the process as easy as possible. Our bespoke chimney support brackets are simple to install, compact and easily concealed when required.

Safe & Effective

Removing Your Chimney Breast Has Never Been Easier

Our brackets are made bespoke for each individual application and offer a life time of strength and peace of mind. Simply complete our online form to see if your home is suitable and get a quote online.

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Why Chimney Gone?

For years up and down the country chimney breasts have been removed in a haphazard fashion, sometimes unsafely. At we aim to provide the knowledge and information to allow you to make the correct decision when removing a chimney breast.

Compact Hidden Support

Our chimney breast brackets provide compact hidden chimney support eliminating the need for a cumbersome RSJ.

Simple Installation

Removing your chimney breast has never been easier. Our bespoke brackets are provided with all the necessary fixings.

Straight To Your Door

Your bracket will be made to measure for your chimney breast and delivered directly to your door or site in just 7 days!

The Best of its Kind

Customer Reviews

Carl GriffithsWhitshaw Builders

“We use chimney support brackets wherever possible. They are easy to handle and quick install. Our clients are always pleased with the new space created in their homes.”

Simon CooperAll Dry Damp Proofing

“I was really pleased with my bracket, it turned up at site promptly and was a quality product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a bracket from Chimney Gone to anyone looking to remove their chimney breasts.”

Andrew GibsonLondon

“The whole process with using Chimney Gone was great from start to finish. The bracket arrived exactly when they said it would and saved up time and meant we could remove our chimney breast and get it signed off in just a couple of weeks. ”

Josh MeakinLondon

“Very happy with the product and service. I completed the online form, purchased my bracket online and had it delivered within the week. The chimney removal was signed off with no problems.”

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