Can you help with the chimney removal?

At we supply the brackets and fixings to allow you to support your chimney in the loft.  The stack removal and installation has to be carried out by other.  It is essential you use suitable experienced construction professional.

Reputable Local builders in your area can be found on sites such as the Federation of Master Builders and Checkatrade. A good tradesman should be able to help you if you to fill in any of the questionnaire if you are unsure.

Will my home be suitable for a bracket?

Not all house types and chimneys are suitable for a bracket.  Our quotation system and questionnaire is designed to identify suitable house types and chimneys. The combinations of the questionnaire,  photographic survey submission and final building control inspection ensure that the brackets have been installed safely and in the correct situations.

If your chimney or property doesn’t meet the criteria it is not the end of the line.  There may be other options.  These will require a structural engineer to visit site and design an alternative solution.  We offer a premium design service.  Should your chimney not comply but you would like a quote for a site inspection by our structural engineering associates there is an option to request a quote for a site visit and alternative design solution on your confirmation email.

Do I need planning permission to remove a chimney breast?

No, the chimney breast will still remain above the roof line so the appearance of the building will still be the same externally therefore does not require planning permission.  You will however have to notify building control and comply with the Party Wall Act.  We work closely with strategic partners Assent who offer a nationwide building control inspection service which is offered as part of our package.

What is the difference between Chimney Gone brackets and gallows brackets?

Our bracket differs in that it is designed specifically for your chimney.  It has the correct number of fixings and is the correct size with and adequate number of legs to support the loads.  This removes the guess work from using random gallows brackets.  Our online survey and calculator combined with building control inspection will ensure your chimney breast is supported safely and your alterations are signed off so that your house can be sold on with all certification to show the works have been carried out to comply with current regulations.  Ou rapid 7 day turn around means the bracket will be on your doorstep prefabricated for rapid installation within 7 Days.

Should I inform my neighbour before starting the work?

If the chimney breast is on a party wall you must inform your neighbour. Both to comply with the Party Wall Act and to find out if they have had their stack removed. Guidance on the Party Wall Act can be found on the following link

How much will it cost in total to remove my chimney breast?

The cost for a builder to knock out and install the bracket will vary depending on your location. For labour and fitting the price could vary from £1500 + VAT £2500 + VAT.

Are your chimney brackets safe?

Our brackets are designed to transfer the structural loads back into the supporting wall.  Installed correctly they are a tried and tested safe method of supporting your chimney stack at loft level.

How do I know what type of support I need?

Follow our online survey to see if your chimney complies. Much of the UK housing stick are red brick terraced and semi-detached / detached houses who’s chimneys often comply with the 8 point check list. Take your time when answering the questions and if you are unsure employ the services of a local reputable contractor or structural engineer surveyor to assist. Alternatively click through the questions and provide a picture of the chimney from in the loft and outside the house and get a quote for our premium design service which involves a site visit and design from our Structural Engineer Associates.

Do I need to inform the council?

Building control and the council are often confused. Building control is no longer solely a department of the local authority. Privatisation of this sector has resulted in building control being offered by many different companies. The councils is now known as LABC (Local Authority Building Control) but there are many providers. We work closely with strategic partners Assent who offer a nationwide inspection service and follow our 8 Point survey check taking all the hassle out of the process for our customers. All chimney removals must be submitted to building control for approval prior to installation. Should you chose an alternative Building control provider to Assent we would strongly recommend seeking written approval to use our bracket design prior to installation and purchase.