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In order to create your bespoke bracket we will need to know the size of your chimney. Using the information provided we will recommend the bracket you need and allow you to buy online.

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Measurements should be taken on the chimney breast in the loft space where the bracket is to be fitted.  Chimney stacks can often reduce in size as they move up the house therefore measuring the dimensions in the wrong place could result in the chimney bracket being fabricated to the incorrect size.

NOTE:  When a bracket is installed there must be more chimney stack remaining below the roofline than above. Choosing the position of the bracket within the loft of needs consideration to ensure this complies.

Please tell us your chimney breast dimensions

It looks like you may need to speak to a structural engineer

Based on the answers you have given us we would recommend that you speak to a structural engineer as unfortunately your chimney does not meet the criteria to allow us to supply a bracket online.

If you are interested in arranging an inspection with one of our approved structural engineers please complete our online form>>